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Vehicle & Infrastructure Systems (VIS)

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Research Pillars

The Vehicle & Infrastructure Systems (VIS) pillar comprises SCIGC research focused on the development of urban sensing networks and physical urban infrastructure.   The SCIGC VIS research effort includes the deployment of SCIGC vehicles for capture of original traffic datasets in and around Songdo, Incheon, and Seoul.  The VIS research effort also leverages data-sharing partnerships with the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority Smart City Division and the Incheon Global Campus to gain access to numerous CCTV video streams around central Songdo and IGC, respectively.  Ultimately, VIS research at SCIGC is expected to include the design and construction of a new generation of urban infrastructure system that uniquely takes advantage of smart city metastructure, such as dynamic allocation of roadway lanes for optimal use by Level 4 autonomous vehicle fleets.