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As a new Stanford University research center, we are actively seeking support from our alumni, partners, and friends in South Korea and around the world to make the Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus a long-term success, realize our vision as a “hub that empowers world-class collaborative research, scholarship, learning, technology transfer, innovation, and engagement,” and establish a home for Stanford University in South Korea.

The coming months represent a truly unique time in the genesis of SCIGC.  There is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, as we finalize architectural designs and begin construction of the SCIGC office suite, to be locally recognized by naming the physical spaces that are uniquely Stanford. In addition to naming the cutting-edge research spaces, there are a variety of other opportunities to support the establishment of SCIGC. They include naming and endowing the faculty directorship and graduate student fellowships, and providing seed funds for faculty from across Stanford to explore new and exciting research partnerships in South Korea.

Take a video tour of the conceptual floor plan of SCIGC designed by Stanford Architectural Design students to see a prototype floor plan and center design. We are currently hiring an architect and will begin construction of our physical office space on the Fourth Floor of Multi-Complex Building (MCB) of the Incheon Global Campus.  We are planning an extensive suite of offices, meeting spaces, and learning environments that will comprise nearly 1000 square meters of Stanford University in South Korea.  

For more information on supporting SCIGC during this exciting time, please e-mail