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As a premier, world-class academic institution, Stanford University strives to be a global change agent via three primary mechanisms – research and scholarship, teaching and learning, and engagement.  The Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus is a central part of Stanford’s efforts as a global change agent through active research, scholarship, and engagement in South Korea and Asia.

Research and Scholarship - The pursuit of cutting-edge research, discovery, and scholarship drives all that we do.  Stanford faculty members are all leaders in their fields, with their accomplishments recognized across disciplines.  For example, Stanford’s current community of faculty scholars includes  17 Nobel laureates.  Active research and scholarship are foundational to SCIGC’s activities.

Teaching and Learning - Over time, research findings and discoveries are translated into classroom teaching, laying the groundwork for decades of innovative thinking and practice by our students and alumni.  As a research center, SCIGC actively supports Stanford’s global teaching and learning efforts by laying this groundwork for students, alumni, and working professionals in South Korea and Asia.

Engagement - Through international research partnerships, corporate outreach, academic conferences, practical workshops, alumni interactions, and many other efforts, Stanford and SCIGC research findings and discoveries are disseminated and ultimately implemented by today’s most innovative organizations across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.