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Related Centers and Institutes

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Affiliated Stanford Centers and Institutes

As a broad research center supporting all of Stanford, SCIGC is open to all researchers and collaborators from across the university.  For information on how to work at SCICG as a Stanford researcher or scholar, or propose work at SCIGC in Korea, please visit the “Join Us” page.  

Stanford Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (SDGC)
The Stanford Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (SDGC) is the California home for the Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus.  With research focused on (i) smarter city and smart infrastructure systems, (ii) cross-cultural learning, decision making, and leadership for smarter organizations, (iii) sustainable knowledge resources and social computing, and (iv) global entrepreneurial ecosystem formation for sustainable development and competitiveness, SDGC is a natural on-campus home for SCIGC.

Stanford Engineering Informatics Group
The Stanford Engineering Informatics Group (EIG) develops hardware and software infrastructure to facilitate monitoring, control, and management of large-scale physical infrastructures and engineering systems.  EIG researchers also work on the development of data management and analytics tools to support engineering simulations and systems and information integration. Current research at the lab covers a broad range of applications, including egress simulations, IP informatics, infrastructure monitoring, smart manufacturing, optimization of energy systems and sustainable urban systems.

Stanford Center for Innovation and Design Research (SCIDR)
The Stanford Center for Innovation and Design Research (SCIDR, pronounced “cider”) is a global community of scholars and practitioners focused on the cultural aspects of design thinking. Our research focuses on the key aspects in business innovation, and how design thinking fosters innovation in different cultures. Through the research activities at SCIDR, we hope to advance the design thinking research methodologies and the human-centered approach developed at Stanford, by adapting them and testing their fit to various cultures and contexts. Cross-institutional, cultural, and longitudinal data will be added to the current research findings in CDR to enhance their robustness and scalability.

SCIDR will provide a unique avenue for cross-cultural research between East Asia and Silicon Valley with a physical presence in both Stanford historical campus and Korea, while also actively interacting with Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus in Songdo as its primary affiliated research center. SCIDR will use South Korea's top tech infrastructure and high user adoption as a testbed for innovative products, services, and experiences.